February 14

Like many of you, Ian loved celebrating his love for others.  On February 14, two years ago he succumbed to an undetected illness and never returned home. The Ian A Thompson-Janyo Community Fund was established in Ian Thompson’s memory to help create healthier social, emotional, and physical environments for children.  Donations are tax-deductible. All proceeds are managed by the Community Foundation of Montgomery County, a member of the Greater Capital Area Community Foundation. There is no staff or overhead, 100% of proceeds will be shared with non profits domestically and internationally to do this work.  Please encourage your businesses and organizations to match your gift. We have raised $1,400 through generous contributions from friends and family, and our current goal is $12,000. We are permitted to grant funds by the foundation only after the $10,000 mark is reached.  When funds become available, we will accept applications for projects that support children’s well-being.   Thank you for all you do to safeguard Ian’s memory and in your support of children everywhere. Please find donation info here: