Summoning the outdoors

In anticipation of the spring we are exploring ways to spend more time outside. So we decided why not share these thoughts with you? Our motivation is that we want to encourage the creativity that develops through exploration and world building that children so desperately need today. With the age and advent of more technology for kids, more children are finding it difficult to interact socially and in many cases may even prefer their virtual worlds to the complexity of life.

Why does this matter? It matters because relationships, real relationships, are still vital to a strong community; strong communities are vital to strong families and strong families are vital to the well-being of children. Please join us in this journey of exploring creating outdoor space in communities, your own home and neighborhood- especially to nurture the needs of children. Tell us what you think! …and believe in regular updates but we also understand how less screen can benefit us all, so check in bi-weekly or follow for the automatic emailed blog updates! Thank you!