The concept of Lent

Even if your religious orientation (or lack thereof) does not recognize the concept of Lent, something is to be said about taking 40 days and 40 nights to reflect on the life that you are living and to abstain from certain behaviors, foods or habits that you believe block your ability to freely give and receive positive energy and to embrace what benefits you. Lent begins today in the Christian Calendar. Even though this posting is outside of my normal schedule I felt that today was a significant day to discuss.

Lent has its equivalent in many traditions, however in a country (US) where we are often saturated by things and information, what a triumph to give 40 days of yourself to deciding what you will focus on to enhance your own development.

In my personal work I can never forget the influence of my son, Ian, for whom this blog is dedicated. He lived seven short years but his example and his Spirit infuses the way I reflect on my life path. I thank him for that and I look forward to the next 40 days of reflection.