On Attachments

“When you are drowning in an ocean of attachments, surrender is your life jacket. -Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

It was some five years ago on Valentines Day that our son, Ian,  took ill and was not to return home, at least not in the way we humanly expect it. Grief, like waves, comes and goes with varying degrees of magnitude, but the undercurrent is still there. I am pleased that I have the awareness of support around me, and constantly pray for those who see little way out of their suffering.


One of the ways that I hope to contribute is by show casing the knowledge of those who have found ways to simplify and derive more joy and meaning out of their lives. I am thankful to Brooke Moore, Julie Gray (her new book on time management is available by selecting the link) and Heather Cocozza for agreeing to be among the first to be interviewed for this project. Please stay tuned for those upcoming postings!

Be blessed!