Can we manage a Screen-free week? 

I’ll admit that sometimes I need inspiration for screen-free time. I love hearing the wisdom of other parents who are creative about the use of outdoor time as well as some nifty crafts for indoors. Even though it can be so challenging in a digital age, it is definitely worth the effort, I have noticed.
One recent example is when I was tempted to allow for more screen time then I felt comfortable with and I decided instead to offer a bucket of clean soil and a sifter to prepare a few seeds for planting in a pot. That turned out to be entirely enthralling and engaging for my nine-year-old. I would’ve never imagined it, but the delight she had in preparing some potting soil was amusing and a relief! I was able to stave off some time in front of the screen and feel as though she could connect to something that allowed her to use a bit more of her imagination and less likely to leave her longing for something to buy. My wallet and my mind felt some relief and we marked one day’s victory.
Screen free week in 2016 is May 2-8) for more information go to: