Community and Solitude

Feeling peaceful and calm bliss when you are alone is wonderful.  All things have a continuum and on its distant end is feeling a sense of isolation. How do you know when you are lonely versus alone?  Most likely when you sense a loss of community and feel that being along is unwanted and painful, you have reached a stage of loneliness.

Despite the numerous avenues we have for socially connecting online, studies show us that sometimes, we can develop a false sense of community that does not meet our actual need to feel connected to others in a genuine way.   Even if you are introverted, it can mean the difference between loneliness and being alone if you are able to connect in real time, with real people in a pleasant way.   I love offering social media spaces on twitter (@simplydrk), Instagram (MyProjectSimplify) and this BLOG to connect and share ideas.  However, as an introvert who has challenges like everyone else, I find the effort  to get out of my head and into the world is usually worth it.  Be encouraged, those who are always with others seek solitude and those with too much time alone seek company-  the key is balance.   Onward!