When work exceeds time…

We have all been there. Either we have faced one or many of these conditions: looming deadlines, overdue bills, all-nighters,  just missing the parking meter refill, mountains of dishes and laundry…and the list goes on. 
None of us are exempt from feeling belittled by the work our lives can impose on us. How do we stay balanced, organized and sane?  Like you, I have heard advice, read articles and seen both sides- success at proper the balance and those whose work has gotten ahead of them.  
What  I have learned: 1. You cannot do it all in one day.  2.Tackle what most needs to be done first  3. Ask for help 4. Make a system to track your daily goals and adjust as time and reality allows 5. Get adequate rest when possible and have breaks to appreciate completed tasks.  Though not perfect,  this has proven to help me feel accomplished while feeling comfortable knowing that the task list is never quite complete – and this is ok! I take breaks to enjoy the work and to allow for time to refresh my thinking and myself.  Wishing you much success and more time!