Be still and know 

I had the magical experience of traveling to Barbados for a spring break service learning opportunity with students and faculty from Wheelock College in Boston. Although I had visited the island numerous times before, this time took on a meditative tone for me.  I felt deeply engaged in the work of education and looked at everything anew. 

We visited several caves,  one in which I had the opportunity to stroll about barefooted on slippery rocks overlooking the Atlantic.  One had to pay very close attention, almost as if in a walking meditation. I was flooded with emotions remembering my dearly beloved son who had passed away and I was also able to feel the peace that washed over me as I recalled his wonderful childhood and the way he loved coming to the island.  He had stood on those very cliffs.  It was such a gift.  Truly, sometimes we have to get away so that we can just be still and know. Some say prayer is when we speak to G-d and meditation is when we listen.