It’s mundane…. and it’s a blessing

I actually hadn't been near a television most of the weekend. My eyes and ears have been open all weekend to the ordinary beauty of being a mom. I have enjoyed mundane tasks this weekend- hanging out on play dates, laundry, dishes, detangling Dr. J's hair on wash day, reviewing school calendars and trying to figure out Aldi's grocery cart process. I didn't have to confront angry mobs in the city I once attended graduate school. I know I am fortunate to have mundane tasks this weekend. I recall my earliest days in my grief journey and how getting a full meal down was a great moment. So I'm not knocking the chance to wash dishes, say good morning, stand staring at the moonlight…. what a gift to have that chance. We all need to pace ourselves for this collective journey we are on. Don't neglect yourself or your home, that's where the charity we need to recharge ourselves begins.