On Belonging

A reflection

As a person who has immigrated to the United States and grown-up between multiple cultures, I understand the need for belonging. I have lived in a blended family, in a new country and often found that the places I found a sense of “welcome” were with those also seeking a sense of belonging. Although we can judge the value of certain associations, we can never underestimate the power of inclusivity and belonging for helping people to rise to the occasion and to develop their best potential. I am still growing and evolving every day as I learn more about myself but it is often done within the power of community. Sometimes it has been just bonding with a pet, sometimes enjoying a community of one; sometimes it was my undergraduate institution, a place of worship, an organization or while traveling with others.

More than ever we need to develop courageous places where we can feel a sense of the belonging that contributes to the overall good of humanity. I’m sure there are multiple variations on what is considered “good for humanity”. But we can acknowledge that when we feel safe, protected, nourished and loved, we are our best selves.