Remembering Ian

I finally understood the depth of love and ache the human heart is capable of when my firstborn arrived and when we said our goodbyes on this earthly plane 7 years ago, an unimaginable happening. The place in my heart that holds feelings was deepened to hold more love than I ever imagined, as well as more heartache than I thought possible. But by G-d’s grace, being embraced by all those who guide and protect and my loving earthly friends and family, I’ve lived to tell about it.

I’ve shared much of my grief journey on this site dedicated to Ian’s memory. However, no amount of sharing can ever fully capture what is in a parent’s heart who has to say goodbye to a child. 7 years ago on Valentine’s Day is when the goodbye began. Ian loves the holiday and excitedly went to school that day. The rest was history, with an illness that took him to the hospital and never home again. BUT the message of LOVE was not lost on me. You would’ve had to know him to know what I mean, but all who encountered him can attest to the magical quality of his love for all… I hope to capture a little bit of that in my life every day.