Janyo Programs: In memory of Ian

The Ian A. Thompson – Janyo Community programs: Honoring the life of Ian A. Thompson: 

To Create Healthy Spaces, for Happy Children


Janyo is a combination of my children’s names as they are forever bonded in love and unity!

My son, Ian A. Thompson (2003-2011) loved the natural world; he loved to read, play, he excelled at tae kwon do and enjoyed with various instruments.  One of his favorite past-times was gardening and playing at the local creek. He was by virtue and in his spirit, a builder of community.  He was loved by all and loved all.   At age 7, he succumbed to an illness.

However, my family continues on his behalf to support creating healthy, nurturing environments for children.   Through the ‘Ian A Thompson-Janyo Community Fund’ we  funded literacy projects, gardening projects and diversity programming.

We will continue to support through more volunteering and support of programming. The Fundraising site is now closed and we thank The Community Foundation of Montgomery County Maryland for being our Fiscal Sponsor!

As opportunities to volunteer arise, we will share broadly!